Wednesday, November 19, 2008

JC with light bursts!

Hey there guys,
It feels weird doing something for this class that doesn't revolve around Detour, but I must move on. Here is my layout for the JC ad. I have a pretty good idea how I want the color/medium to be so when I get some time I will post that as well. I figured because it is an ad it should be simple but still eye-catching and interesting to look at so people don't skip over it. Thanks, Sarah.

PS: The guy basically has a cupcake-sized hole in his stomach and he is freaking out about it, oh not to mention that the rest of his hips aren't even there, its text. His shirt and arms/hands will be a dark color (I'm thinkin' navy-ish) and the light bursts will be showing through all the negative space, not over him as well.


Anonymous said...

I really like this a lot-- the right hand/fingers are wonky-- but this could really be something.

S.Kim said...

do you mean our right or his right? I really wasn't trying to make the anatomy correct, I would prefer it to be wonky, but it should probably be pushed more so its obvious, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I mean his right hand. The fingers are off just enough that they don't look right, and his left looks fine so I think that's why it stands out so much to me.