Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Week's Tirade/ Ramble/ Lesson

We didn't have class this week, so I spent Tuesday lecturing the cat about his online persona and dealing with clients.
Guess I missed you guys.

I don't give a rat's ass about MySpace and Facebook-- I have both, they are handled by other people for me to merely have a presence. But I DO strongly recommend LINKEDIN.

Linked In is an account that I handle myself and it has led to WORK-- paying work. It has also allowed me to reconnect with old work comrades like Bob Camp of Ren & Stimpy fame and a few other fine folks with ties to the art industry.

More and more clients are doing a google search to see what they can learn about a freelancer before they hire them. Keep that in mind. You would hate to lose a gig because you posted pictures of that flag burning you attended with the caption "Suck it America!" or some other such stuff.

Check out Linked In-- it's free, set up an account and get ready for the big boy and girl world of making a living as an artist. Even my fine art friends have benefited connecting with Gallery owners around the world.

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