Friday, November 14, 2008

John K's Yogi Bear

John K did a couple of cartoons based on Hanna Barbera's classic TV characters including A DAY IN THE LIFE OF RANGER SMITH which riffed how the character in the original cartoon never stayed on model, so he's constantly changing the way he looks throughout the episode.

FLINTSTONES; LIFE ON THE ROCKS in which Fred and Wilma almost get a divorce-- the scene of Fred and Barney in Speedos caused some tight ass parent groups to protest but it was HILARIOUS.

And my favorite BOO BOO RUNS WILD in which Yogi's innocent little sidekick decides he's no longer going to live by man's rules, tears off his bow tie and runs wild like a real bear. The Ranger is forced to shoot Boo Boo and Yogi tries to stop him.

I've got this in terrible quality and it just aired on Adult Swim again on Halloween. I'm looking for it on DVD and if I find it I will bring it in for classroom entertainment.
I do think if you've never seen a "real" Yogi cartoon you'll miss half the jokes, but this is a scream.
I love John K.

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