Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years Kick in the Pants

Do it.
Read what Allison wrote and do it.
Get yourself out there, stop muttering how hard it is, and just do it.
Get your work plastered on walls-- on signposts, streetlamps, hit up gallery openings, send out postcards, call art directors.

Just do it.

Is everything going to be successful? No.
Is it going to be easy? NO.

If it was, there would be a lot more competition out here.
It's a New Year-- your FINAL semester-- then it's either back to mom and dad's or strike out on your own. Trust me, on your own is a MUCH Better place.

PS- Studio 242 invited Veronica and I to show some work this coming season-- I expect you all to show up-- there will be crackers. Date to be announced.

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