Friday, December 5, 2008

Modus Lotus

Okay guys, so I'm going to drive into Boston Saturday to pick up Allison for the Pop Euphoria gallery show that night. It occured to me that I will have two extra seats available. If anyone wants to go but didn't have a way to get there, I can take two more people but that's it. I will be picking her up at 4:45ish in front of Dick Blick over in the Landmark center in Fenway. If you are late, I HAVE NO REMORSE AND WILL LEAVE YOU. I will also be driving her back to Fenway after the show. Leave a comment if you want in.


PS. Congrats to Bamcat for making it into the show as well!


Silvia Kats said...

Um um um um um... I might do it... I'll write another comment by tomorrow afternoon.... but pretty much, if I can go, I will be there. <3

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you, I just left the exhibit, covered in paint from re-doing some podiums, it's 99% hung and it looks amazing.
It is cooler than the incredible shows I used to go to in Brooklyn.
Urban, hip, wild, this is really quite a show.
I'm not saying this because I'm involved. I'm not saying this because Veronica will come at me with a two by four.
It's amazing.
The newspapers and the message boards out here are pumped about this show.
It will be the balls.
Plus, they are serving FRANKENBERRY as one of the snacks-- how frickin' awesome is that (OK, I like Count Chocula better, but---??)