Monday, December 1, 2008

Semester Reviews

For seniors review date is Dec 19th; This is a new procedure, so please take note.

Please tell your students that we are requiring them to group/hang work according to class and label each piece with the name of the class,
the title of the assignment and the name of the teacher of the class.

Any work not hung should be placed in labeled folders that also list the name of the class and the teacher.
Doing this will enable us to maximize the amount of time spent reviewing the work.

Any questions on this see me in class. I will have office hours tomorrow (Tuesday) and I expect to be there early-- 11 or so.

For class-- You should be wrapping everything up, getting assignments into context as we discussed and come to class tomorrow prepared to work during class. Don't leave things until the last minute.
See you in the am.

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