Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10.08.08 Class

I've got the blog up for the UCF Cover Assignment-- I will post the address here soon.

Yesterday's class was good. I was impressed with the work. I felt like a lot of you pushed through and gave the assignment(s) some serious thought. As much as I feel like I beat a dead horse it goes without my saying it again that the initial composition stage is probably the most important part of a successful illo. REMEMBER these pieces are for your portfolio FIRST, so make them fit.

I want to be like the straight version Tim Gunn of MassArt. "Make it work people." Although honestly, I think I'm more like the Larry Fine.

Bamcat sent me a fantastic email that we are going to make the next lesson; Contacting Important People. Is it cheating to ask me for a name?? Should you schlep your portfolio sight on cold calls to art directors?

The answers to these and other driving questions next week.

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Allison Bamcat said...

"Andre, you really embarassed me at Red Lobster the other night..."