Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay, so recently I've been having this problem with uploading my color pieces to my blog. When I would upload them, they'd look all washed out! Well I talked with Andy about it and he figured out it was a browser problem with Firefox. Now today I figured out how to actually fix it and I will tell you guys how too:

Remember, this is only for Firefox.

First, in the bar where you type the url, type: about:config

It will promp you to be careful. You will be so click okay!

In the search bar at the top of the page it takes you to, type in: color_management

If it says "false" next to the item, double click it to change it to "true". Then restart firefox.

There you go, now all your colors will be managed appropriately, instead of aggravatingly.


PS. ::fist shake:: Firefoooooox!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job, Smallie.
Firefox (and I'm using it right now) is almost as bad as IE.
For those of you running Fox, make sure you stay current with updates to it. It's the one piece of software I update regularly.

PS- Itunes update, which I'm sure must be three years old, is pretty cool too-- with the 'genius' option of selecting playlists you might like.