Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Global Warming!

I did some more color comps for my Global Warming happy times. Which do people like better? I'm very open to doing more or swapping colors around if anyone has some insight. Thanks guys!



Anonymous said...

Color wise, I like #1 and #3 (from the top down).
I still think the cord on the right looks too condensed and you should try to uncompress it. The lines on the right look like a thermometer, maybe you could go with making that a stronger statement.
Design wise this is very well done.

S.Kim said...

After what Andy said this may be confusing for you, but I enjoy the second one and the last two. I think the 2nd shows your natural color palette of muted tones and off colors (not meant to sound bad). Just be careful if you chose the black background because depending on what colors you chose the contrast could affect how readable the image is.

Allison Bamcat said...

I like number 3 the most, except! what if you turned the robot a dark dingy gray and gave him black smoke? It would contrast against the greenery in a way that states "global warming" and you can have more fun with the earthy elements without losing the statement. I think the evilness of the robot gets lost when it's a bright yellow or an orange (not that robots are evil). Good luck!

Allison Bamcat said...

Okay wait, looking back over the piece, is the robot supposed to be shooting out smoke or bubbles? I'm not sure if he's attempting to pollute the godly Al Gore or if he's scrubbing him clean. Will you clarify for me? Sorry, thanks.

Anonymous said...


The yellow around the guys hands is supposed to be.. er.. magicy environment love power. The bubble stuff coming from the robots hands is the smoke, I think the little shine lines might make it confusing! I can remove those if it will make it more clear!