Wednesday, October 15, 2008

global freakin warmin!

I refined it a little bit more and this is whats on my final piece of paper so far. The tufts are a little implied on here still, when they are done in watercolor I think that they'll read better. I am also going to post this again when I put his face in.

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R said...

hey sylvia. the pose is looking good, those dainty little hands and rolls of fat are perfect. few issues though:

i don't understand how the sash is folded at his belly, on the middle tower. i know the sash is a design element and not literal, but the way those folds are drawn implies realism. and,

i liked the idea of him with only a toe in the smoke stack, as if he's just precariously plugging the pollution. it just seems a little awkward with both stuffed in there.

just something to think about