Sunday, October 5, 2008


For all you amazing Illustration kids, it's time to get your work PRINTED and SEEN BY PEOPLE. So enter in the T-SHIRT CONTEST! The judges have yet to be announced (*ahem* asked to participate), but we'll be selecting up to 4 designs to have printed this year on shirts/sweatshirts to sell to raise money for the Illustration department for wonderful treats and trips.

Either way, starting tomorrow, Oct. 6th, you may leave a cd in the folder at my studio (#14 on the 9th floor) with A. YOUR NAME, B. YOUR EMAIL, and C. YOUR FAVORITE COLOR. Number of entries doesn't matter. FILES MAY NOT EXCEED 5MB. And you need to be able to picture them being printed smaller than 11" x 14". So try not to include too many crazy itty bitty sketch lines or teeny weeny screen tone patterns as they'll probably be lost in the process. And no gray scale! This is stark black and white, guys!

ALSO, if there's anyone who would be willing to help out with the silkscreening, it would healthily obliged. We'll give you a free shirt! Remember, Stephen and I are pretty much doing this crap on our own, so help out! We're just as stressed and tired as you! Love us!

You can reach me anytime at for questions, or you can find me at my studio most of the time. If I'm not there, email or a note. Thanks again!! Good luck!


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