Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Maxx

The Maxx is a cartoon that aired on MTV back in the 90s based on Sam Keith's comic of the same name.
Here's a link to some episodes on youtube.

I never got into the comic series, but I thought Keith's art style was really interesting. Cartoonish, but occasionally crazy violent-- I don't know him but I seem to remember doing a convention with him many years ago and he was really tiny-- so maybe he has some aggression issues, but the MTV show really stuck with me.

It's dark and disturbing but it's done in such a way that it really holds your interest and I often use it as noise in my studio when I'm working.
Check it out-- I think it will appeal to some of my darker secreted students.

On another note, Irena and I talked about the idea of getting graphic novel art as a course at MassArt-- I know it's a little late for you guys, but it's still cool anyway.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Maxx when I was way too young for it on Mtv, and remember being totally freaked out by it, haha.
I watched it again about a year or two ago though ans it's disturbing and brilliant. Keiths other stuff is pretty intense as well.

Tuesday Morning said...

warg!! thank you so much for posting this! i saw part of that a couple years ago and have been looking for it since because i remember it as awesome.

Dr. Kevin Burney said...

I think The Maxx debuted on Liquid Television which was probably one of the coolest TV shows ever. Richard Sala, Gary Panter, Charles Burns, and Mike Judge all had segments. It's also where Office Space and Bevis and Butthead originated. I had bootlegs of the first two seasons and then eventually lost them.