Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hey guys, I'm sure this is a little repetitive, but oh well. Here is my finished linework composition along with my first color sketch. I'm going to try many different color combinations to see if I want to go in a realistic or imaginary direction with this. Any feedback would be great, I'm also going to be redrawing the DETOUR part (I tried it in Photoshop this afternoon and it didn't work out so great) - Thanks dudes, Sarah Kim


Anonymous said...

I like it more every time I see it. Really have some fun with the colors.
I like the stingray very much.

Anonymous said...

It looks really great. I particularly like the background treatment a lot. I love bubbley stuff! I would play around with the colors of the characters a bit. The blue is totally fantastic, but I think trying a few different palletes for the figures might help to really explode it.