Sunday, October 12, 2008

Help please!

So, here is Al Gore with a sash and angel wings, and Al Gore with smoke as his sash and the smokestacks bowing. Which one reads better? Also it was bothering me that the smokestack to the right was not bowing like the others. Andy suggested putting the whole foot in it so its bowing too. Any suggestions? The little tuft of smoke to the left is how I am going to render the smoke. 

Thanks for your help guys! 

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Allison Bamcat said...

I would definitely put his whole foot into the smokestack for consistency's sake.
And for the smoke, these are some good pictures I found for reference: be sure to keep them fluffy and billowy instead of smooth and whispy - it might look more like cigarettes sticking out of the earth if you do that.

Otherwise, this picture is seriously amazing, and I showed my Dad, who laughed his ass off.